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FuckYeah FY500

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If you're fed up of underwhelming, underpowered sex machines and you're after something that can really give you a good hard fucking, look no further.

We believe this is simply the best fucking machine available in the world for size players. If you want to read up in more detail on why, you can find lots of details here

The world's first fully digitally controlled heavy duty fucking machine. FuckYeah!

Power on Tap

350W of power! Up to 125lbs (57kg) of pushing force.
With a transmission designed for maximising torque, handling the biggest toys you can imagine is no problem for this machine.

Even force at all stroke lengths

Unlike rotary fuckmachines, no torque is lost as you increase stroke length.
The unique transmission system means that all that power can be steadily applied no matter what stroke length you are using.

Low Speed control

At low speeds, normal fuckmachines tend to struggle with torque. This means when you need the most control, you are left unsatisfied: motor hum and jamming, only for it to suddenly start going faster than you intended.

With the FY500 there's no such issue - you get maximum force at low speeds, with force reducing gradually as the speed increases. Ideal for use with big toys.

Fully Digital Controlled

A digitally controlled drive system means the FY500 knows exactly where in the stroke it is at any given time, and it can follow whatever movement pattern you can dream of.

Huge Stroke Length

0-18" stroke length, fully adjustable on-the-fly.

Position the toy, not yourself

Because the stroke length is so long, and you can use any part of it, you can get comfy in position and then move the stroke to exactly where you want it to be.

Smart Controller

The FuckYeah! Smart Controller the an easy to use, handheld controller for the machine.  It's 4 dials allow you to control every aspect of the machine, and it's twin OLED displays allow you to see what the machine is doing, or navigate it's settings and more.


With onboard Bluetooth & WiFi capability, the FY500 can download patterns you've designed using the MyFY App.

And of course it can also keep itself up to date with the latest updates and new functionality as it comes out.

External Accessory Support

Two axuilary channels allow you to control other devices via the FY500.

If you're technically minded, you could use these to control lube pumps, electro-sex accessories or more.

You can even integrate control of the Aux channels into your movement patterns to sync up the effects.


You may wish to use the FY500 in combination with these useful accessories:


  • Super Heavy Duty
  • Digital drive system
  • Up to 125lbs (57kg) of pushing force
  • 0-18" stroke length, fully adjustable on-the-fly
  • Fully customisable movement patterns
  • Easy to use handheld controller with OLED displays
  • Internet Connected with WiFi
  • Mobile phone / remote control
  • Vac-U-Lock ready & other toy mounting options
  • Super sturdy and adjustable stand/leg available
  • Suitable for mains voltage: 110 - 240 (via voltage selection switch)
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty